Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record and publish my own gameplay from one of your games?

Absolutely, we’d be honored! There are only a few simple and basic rules to follow: please refer to the Square Enix Material Usage Policy for more details.

I am spending a few days in Montreal, can I visit your studio?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer tours of our offices to individuals, as it’d be difficult to accommodate all of the requests we receive. However, when possible, we do organize tours for schools, universities, and the like. If your request falls under the latter, feel free to contact us!

Do you offer internships?

Yes and no. They do become available on occasion, but we don’t have a regular program: internship offers are rare and are dependent on our needs at the time. Nonetheless, you can always send us your resume for consideration via our contact form, making sure to select ‘Jobs’ as the subject.

Do you accept submissions of game ideas?

We appreciate the enthusiasm, but all of our projects are conceived in-house. However, if you’d like to share your feedback on one of our games, please do so – we’re always listening 😊

Where can I find technical support?

Please contact the Square Enix Support Center for North America or Europe.

I am writing about an old Eidos game (Battlestations, Commandos, etc).

While these games were published by Eidos Interactive back in the day, they were not developed by Eidos-Montréal. We share the same name, but we had no involvement in titles developer by other studios and published by Eidos Interactive. As such, we probably don’t have an answer to your question, sorry!

Can I be a tester for your games before their release?

We actually have a playtest lab for Square Enix West titles in our studio! You can register here if you’d like to participate. Playtests take place in Montreal, so we suggest you apply only if you live in area. The lab holds playtests for many Square Enix West titles: they could be for our sister studios (Square Enix Montréal, Crystal Dynamics) or our publishing partners’ games (Avalanche, DONTNOD…)

I am a journalist and want to review your game!

Eidos-Montréal is a video game development studio and our publisher, Square Enix, handles the promotion of our games in each territory. Requests for review code are forwarded to the Square Enix office / PR Manager, or the agency in charge of your territory.

Can I receive press material?

When it comes to our games, all official videos are on our YouTube channel, which you can of course embed within your site without issues. All other assets, artwork, and screenshots can be found on the North American and European Square Enix press vaults. You can follow this Twitter account to be the first to know when new assets are made available.

I am a journalist and want to ask questions about the studio!

We’ll always do our best to try and help you find the answers to your questions! In order to ensure your inquiry gets directed to the appropriate department, please submit your question(s) using the contact form on the website, and ensure that ‘Marketing’ has been selected as the subject. If submitting an interview request, please keep in mind that we receive them quite often, and are not able to accommodate them all. However, we will always confirm the receipt of your request, along with if we will be able to conduct them for you.