Welcome again to Eidos-Montréal’s “Crafting Emotions” series of videos! This series puts the focus on one developer per episode, showing how their passions enhance and fuel their creativity within their respective fields of expertise. Our studio is all about close-knit teams and giving our developers the opportunity to leave their mark on the games they work on.

Episode 8 of our Crafting Emotions series features Bianca Lavric, and how her creative passion inspires her role as a Dev QA Tester. Enjoy!

Q&A w/ Bianca Lavric, Dev QA at Eidos-Montréal

How did you get into the industry?

Gaming has always been a passion of mine. Be it the intense action of a competitive multiplayer game, or the captivating plot of a narrative-driven experience, I just loved everything about games. From the stories, to the voice-acting, to the 2D and 3D artwork and animation, to the gameplay itself, I was enraptured by every aspect of video games. 

While I was growing up, my parents would tell me, “Stop playing games! You won’t get a job playing video games all the time!’’ Well… I decided to prove that my passion for the gaming genre could lead to greater things.

After high school, I pursued studies in 3D, gaining knowledge in animation, as well as character and environment creation. The idea of making my own game always interested me, and I occasionally pursued small side-projects that revolved around creating games.

After university, the first job I applied to was for QA testing in the gaming industry. I had heard that this was a common stepping stone for game developers, and I was eager to prove myself. I got hired by a 3rd party QA company, where I worked on a number of titles before being deployed on-site and getting my first taste of being a Dev QA. Working inside a studio, alongside developers… I knew that’s what I wanted to pursue. And now here I am at Eidos Montreal, shipping my first tripe-A title! And I’m proud of it!

What do you think makes working in Montreal special?

Montreal is a city bustling with people and opportunities, and a lot of things are close by - especially downtown. It is a city that is multilingual and accepting of all cultures, backgrounds and genders. It is also known for being one of the big game development cities. For all these reasons, I believe Montreal is the best place to find a job in the field.

What do you love most about your job?

I love having the opportunity to be in contact with so many departments, talking to people and learning various lines of work within the gaming industry. It’s a pleasure to be around so many creative people - their passion is infectious, and that pushes me forward towards pursuing my own goals and passions. 

What’s your most memorable experience at the office?

Aside from the duties of a Dev QA, I was given the opportunity to do temp voice acting. I still remember how exciting it was to voice lines and make really loud combat sounds for one of the supporting female characters for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I really got into the role and emotion and let loose, and I would love to be given future opportunities to voice more characters and actually make the cut into a released game. 

What’s unique about working at Eidos-Montréal?

The team feels like a big family - very warm and wonderful - and every team member is creative in their own ways. There are also various opportunities to contribute beyond just your job description - for those of us who are interested to do so - which is something I love. I find that this is especially true inside of the Dev QA environment, and it is nice being able to voice what I would want to work towards, thus being put in contact with teams working in the field I am most interested in. The sense of growth within the company is something that is nurtured and encouraged. I am happy to be a part of the process, not just as a QA person but also as a voice in the project, with growing responsibilities and potentially additional input beyond just QA in the future.