We're happy to share today images from our many talented artists, which let you appreciate the incredible work they've done on Shadow of the Tomb Raider. 

From my point of view, the creation of Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been a true human adventure, but one that hasn’t been a walk in the park: the scale and the importance of the project didn’t give us a lot of room for error. We had to be efficient while ensuring a high degree of creativity. To succeed in this endeavor, we had to build a team of talented people we could trust, and who would do everything in their power to bring us where we needed to go.

Fortunately, this is exactly the type of team I was given the opportunity to work with, not only during our conceptualization phase but also during the production itself. In my 21-year career, I have never seen such a high level of dedication and synergy within a team, with each individual being fully aware of what they were bringing to the project. I am extremely proud of the result, and I hope that everyone will enjoy exploring the world we have created, a world fueled by our undying passion for the franchise.

Please enjoy this selection of some of our artists' work, and make sure to visit their profiles for more!

Martin Dubeau - Art Director


Concept Artists

Arnaud Pheu - Senior Concept Artist


Charly Chive - Concept Artist


Michael Verhaaf - Concept Artist


Brandon Russell - Senior Artist (Crystal Dynamics)


Vincenzo Barkasy - Associate Concept Artist (Crystal Dynamics)


Ricardo Lima - Freelance Concept Artist


Clément Crocq - Freelance Concept Artist


Maxim Verehin - Freelance Concept Artist


Environment Artists

Maxime Chassé - Senior Environment Artist


Yann Maheust - Senior Environment Artist


Louis-Maxime Gagnon - Senior Environment Artist


Lighting Artists

Audrey Flamand-Lapointe, Senior Lighting Artist


Lucie Lavergne - Senior Lighting Artist


Nora Nirvaluce - Lighting Artist


Miguel Hernandez - Lighting Artist


Level Artists

Maude Ariane Jubinville - Junior Level Artist


3D Artists

Yann Régnier - 3D Artist


Éric Houde - Senior Artist