Build and Release Specialist

Programming | Montréal, Québec, Canada

Title :  Build and Release Specialist

Reports to: Lead Build and Release Specialist

Eidos Montréal is seeking a Build and Release Specialist to design, implement, and maintain a centralized pipeline supporting several simultaneous video game productions.

The Build and Release Specialist will be part of a team composed of experienced programmers and build and release specialists working with technologies such as Jenkins, Artifactory, Kubernetes,Docker, SaltStack, etc.

This role includes automation, configuration management, and tools development.


  • Automating the configuration of build machines.
  • Continuously improving the build pipeline configuration to maintain high user satisfaction.
  • Setting up and maintaining continuous integration.
  • Improving the monitoring of all the services and infrastructure supporting the build system.
  • Identifying root causes and addressing them to improve the quality of service.
  • Collaborating with developers, DevOps and QA to guarantee a highly available and performant service.
  • Optimizing hardware utilization by leveraging cutting edge technology such as K8s and CEPH.

Experience and qualifications:

  • 4 years in a similar role
  • Bachelor in programming or similar education
  • Experience with source control systems (Perforce, Git).
  • Experience with Windows based development environment.
  • Experience with game production and a game engine’s asset pipeline

Technical skills:

  • Experience with Jenkins is an asset
  • Experience with Visual Studio is an asset
  • Experience with scripting languages (Python, Batch, Bash, etc.) is an asset.
  • Experience with C#, C++ is an asset
  • Experience with application containers (Docker) and virtual machines is an asset.
  • Experience with Linux based development environment is an asset.
  • Experience with K8s and CPH is an asset.

Interpersonal skills:

  • A passion for innovation.
  • Ability to prioritize initiatives.
  • Being a team player.

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