Game Designer - Enemy & AI

Design | Montréal, Québec, Canada





  • Work with the Lead Designer and Directors to pitch the different enemy archetypes that answer the project’s needs.
  • While working with a multi-disciplinary team, composed mainly of programmers, animators, and technical designers, drive the prototyping and creation of memorable enemy archetypes.
  • Assure une communication étroite avec tous les membres de l’équipe IA afin de fixer des objectifs clairs ainsi que de mettre en valeur les besoins spécifiques des différents systèmes de jeu pour fournir des mises à jour régulières à tous les systèmes connexes ;
  • Ensure close communication within the AI team in order to set clear goals as well as highlight the specific needs of different game systems to provide regular updates to all related systems;
  • Collaborate on a regular basis with other teams, especially the Combat Design team, to ensure that the combat dynamics between the player and the enemy archetypes deliver on the highest possible quality.
  • Participate in meetings with the teams, set up brainstorming sessions, promote collaboration with the various directors to carry out a vision and create robust and innovative design concepts;
  • Establishes the necessary processes to improve and rationalize production and evaluate them;
  • Document the game mechanics and the various functionalities quickly, clearly and concisely in order to serve as a resource for the other professions in the project;
  • Help identify essential tasks and work with production and design teams to allocate resources to support each system.


  • + 3 years of experience in the video game industry as a game designer;
  • DEC or Bachelor in Game Design or related experience;
  • 1 minimum title published, preferably next gen.


  • Experience in writing design specifications and tuning specific game systems such as AI, combat, and player control;
  • Having worked on a “melee combat” game is an asset;
  • Ability to conceptualize, present and execute ideas in a given time frame, while actively participating in the design and technical problem solving in the engine;
  • Possess good analytical mind with the ability to simplify game design as well as systems in order to document them;
  • Good understanding of the specific constraints of the system as well as the architecture of a game engine and its customizable tools;
  • Hold an organized approach to problem solving and time management while meeting strict production deadlines;
  • Knowledge of Unreal 4 is an asset.


  • Communication skills and an ease in illustrating ideas;
  • Guiding a small multi-disciplinary team on a weekly basis;
  • Ability to parallelize one's work (multitasking);
  • Work in collaboration with the different trades (Ex: art, animation, programming);
  • Ability to learn and share knowledge;
  • Maturity in giving and receiving constructive criticism.


Ambition and passion for video games is essential!


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