6 Things You Should Know Before Playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is joining the PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium Game Catalog this month! Whether you’re new to the series or have already played a Deus Ex game before, here are a few pointers from our team to help you get started in our cyberpunk Action-RPG.

The story so far…

Close-up of Adam Jensen in Golem City

If you haven’t played our previous game Deus Ex: Human Revolution (or simply don’t remember what happened), don’t worry: a recap video will get you up to speed on the events you’d be interested to know about. The bottom line is this: in 2029, two years after a terrible incident that happened at the end of Human Revolution, mechanically augmented people are oppressed and forced to live in ghettos. Adam Jensen, an experienced covert agent, is trying to expose the Illuminati, a secret organization he believes is responsible for this new world order, in an attempt to manipulate and control the fate of mankind.


“Show, don’t tell”

Screenshot of a subway station in Prague in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Multiple guards patrol the area.

As soon as you complete the first level set in Dubai, you will reach the city of Prague, where you’ll be able to start exploring the game at your own pace. From early on, you can find many helpful weapons and items, but the game won’t nudge you in their direction. It’s up to you to observe your surroundings and guess where they might be hidden. For example, a grenade launcher is hidden in plain sight in the first district of Prague that you’ll visit – can you find it without setting the city on fire?


Not your average side-quest

First-person screenshot showing Adam Jensen using the Tesla augmentation to incapacitate enemies.

Our team put a lot of work into making sure that side-quests feel like fully-fledged stories. Let’s say a side-quest is a hundred page script. You might decide to finish it as quickly as possible, and be done with it in 10 minutes. But on the other hand, you might think: “Wait a minute, that’s intriguing, I want to follow up on that”, and end up meeting new characters and have other things happen as a result. Want to know who committed this gruesome murder? You’ll have to question everything to find out…


Guns blazing… but pacifist?

Adam J

Stealth or action? Lethal or non-lethal? In Mankind Divided, you can mix and match every playstyle, to the point where you can be extremely aggressive while still sparing your enemies. Using augmentations like the Tesla, or EMP ammunition for shotguns and rifles, are just some of the tools at your disposal to go in guns blazing, while still being a pacifist. Play however you feel like!


Explore the world

Adam Jensen infiltrating Golem City, crouched behind a counter. A guard patrols in the area.

Get your passport ready: Dubai, Prague, London, the Swiss Alps and Golem City await. All these locations are full of surprises, so make sure to spend time completing side missions and to explore every dark corner and every vent you come across. Some of the best rewards won’t be in plain sight; finding weapons, accessories, Praxis kits or credits will require careful exploration.


Choose you augmentations wisely

First-person screenshot showing Adam Jensen using the Tesla augmentation to incapacitate enemies.

Throughout the game, you will unlock augmentations with Praxis kits. It’s all about choosing the augs that best fit your playstyle, but here are some augs that we like to recommend in Mankind Divided.

  • Remote Hacking: stay hidden while hacking to unlock new pathways, deactivate cameras and drones to avoid patrols.
  • Optimized Musculature: during exploration, you will be able to move heavy objects to access hidden entrances, and to climb and jump higher.
  • Social Enhancer: this aug will allow to read your interlocutor’s personality and gain as much as you can from them by using persuasion or interruption in important conversations.


Whether you’re playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for the first time or revisiting it to try new things, we hope you enjoy your time as Adam Jensen, unravelling the biggest conspiracy the world has ever known.