A Local Basket to Celebrate the End of the Year

Comforting goods made in Québec to thank our Eidossians

Since last week, our Eidossians have been receiving a Christmas basket full of good and beautiful things to thank them and wish them a well-deserved break!

This year, we wanted to honor local businesses, small or large. In this basket, they’ll find delicacies and made in Québec only, coming from Gourmet Sauvage, Les Canardises, La Pimenterie, Ducs de Montrichard, Maison Pra, Cafcaf, Chocolat Boréal, Le Cartel and Lucia.

Something to delight everyone, whether they have a sweet or a salt tooth, have a vegetarian or a gluten-free diet! All our employees got an identical basket, so we invited them to redistribute around them any product they may not enjoy, to spread the Holiday spirit.