A Thank You Letter to our Fans

A message for fans and gamers across the galaxy from Jean-François Dugas, our Senior Creative Director

Dear Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy fans,

As the game releases now , it is the end of the journey for us, the developers. But it is only the true beginning of the journey for the game now that you are able to play it.
Throughout the last few months, we were able to feel your passion, your hopes, and your scepticism at times. It said one thing to me, you were dedicated fans who just wanted to be carried away in an authentic Guardians of the Galaxy experience.

This game feels like a breath of fresh air in the times we live in. It is fun, deeper than one might think, it is colourful, and ultimately speaks volume to who we are as a species. Yes, the Guardians are, for the most part, from outer space. Albeit their different origins, their punctual disagreements, and their flaws, they’re a group that is accepting of each other differences. They’re able to learn and grow while staying true to who they are. They want to belong, they want to be part of a family. A family that can be dysfunctional at times, but as you will discover through the game, solid like a rock.

We can only wish that to us, the humankind family.

Sit back, take your favorite controller in your hands, and jump in this great adventure where you are the hero. You are the “so-called” leader of the Guardians. What could go wrong?
Don’t hesitate to spend time looking around, to let the game run even when you go fix a sandwich. You will see, the Guardians may surprise you in many ways with the stories they come up with!

We had a lot of fun making this game. We put our hearts and souls in it. I hope you are going to feel it. And if we manage to put smiles on your faces as you play the game, to make you feel, it’ll be our biggest reward.