Houdini Tips & Tricks

Watch the talks given at the recent Montreal Houdini meet-up, which was hosted at our studio!

We had the pleasure of hosting last week the latest Montreal Houdini user group meet-up! From visual effects artists to modelers, animators, VR creators and more, the Houdini community gathered to share knowledge around their favorite software.

Benoit Onillon (Senior Technical Artist) gave tips & tricks on how to get started with VEX, while Mike Lyndon (Senior Technical Artist at Side FX) shared insight into digital asset creation, working in the compositing network and how to use height-fields to speed up image processing. You can watch their two talks below, which hopefully will give you some useful advice on how to use Houdini.

Shout out to Francois Devic, Benoit Onillon and Julien Bouvrais for putting together the event!