How We Supported our Community in 2020

Our heartfelt thank you!

2020 has been full of challenges, and more distressing than ever for everyone, especially for those in need. Thanks to our actions all year long, as well as the Stay Home & Play campaign launched by Square Enix last spring, we were able to raise close to 1 million dollars.

This amount was distributed as donations to a dozen of charities and their partners throughout Quebec and helped more than 500 000 people. This way, we were able to support our community and defend causes close to our heart, like food insecurity, youth, education and student retention.

On behalf of Eidos-Montréal and Eidos-Sherbrooke, we thank you for your generosity from the bottom of our hearts! Our donations went to the following charities and associations: the Food Banks of Quebec, Centraide of Greater Montreal, the Group of Collective Kitchens of Quebec, Dans la rue, l’Auberge du Cœur, L’Arrêt Source, Big Brothers and Big sisters of Montreal, Mission saint Michael, La Rue des Femmes, Moisson Estrie and Centraide Estrie.