Internship Stories – Winter 2022


Tell us about you! Who are you, what are studying…Introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.

Hello! I am Daniel Tian, a co-op student from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, majoring in computer science. I love programming game engines and all things tech-related in the gaming industry.

What made you choose Eidos-Sherbrooke?

Game development has been my passion since I was 10. I could never pass up an opportunity to work for a game developer as my first co-op job. I knew this would be a fantastic chance to learn and gain valuable experience in the field.

What was your role at Eidos-Sherbrooke?

I was a generalist programming intern that prototyped innovative ideas.

What’s the highlight of your internship? Something that your learnt or that you accomplished and that you’re proud of?

I have learned so incredibly much this term. I learned how to do netcode, and I gained an incredible amount of experience using a game engine. Working with a VR headset has been tons of fun as well!

Any advice for students who would like to pursue a career in video games?

Video game development can be difficult at first, but it all comes with time and patience. Start early, spend the time to gain experience, and be curious. Experimenting with new things all the time is how I learned best.