Time to Save the Universe!

A friendly reminder in case you live under a cosmic rock

 Today is the day you (and us) have been waiting for – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is finally out. Fire up a wild ride across the cosmos! 


Single player 

You are Star-Lord, and thanks to your bold yet questionable leadership, you have persuaded an oddball crew of unlikely heroes to join you.  


Some jerk (surely not you) has set off a chain of catastrophic events, and only you can hold the unpredictable Guardians together long enough to fight off total interplanetary meltdown.  

All new story 

When our adventure begins, a bet between the Guardians goes awry and triggers chaotic events that pave the way for the Universal Church of Truth to set their evil plan in motion: their goal is to bring the “Promise” to everyone in the galaxy, claiming that it will bring back everything that was lost.  

Lead the Guardians in combat / in exploration / in dialogue 

The Guardians have unique roles and abilities, and the combat is all about using each of their strengths, as well as Star-Lord’s, to defeat enemies with efficiency and style. 

Rocket is the explosive specialist, great at taking out multiple enemies at once with this grenades and guns. 

Groot is the protector of the group. His vines can immobilize adversaries, setting up the team for powerful attacks. He can also bring back fallen team members if you flark things up. 

Drax is literally a wrecking ball, he’s the best at inflicting stagger damage and stunning enemies. 

Gamora takes out enemies with finesse and fury. She dishes out massive health damage with deadly single target attacks. 

Finally, Star-Lord is the leader with the versatile combat style: thanks to his jet boots, you can cut across the battlefield or get a bird’s eye view, letting you strategize your next move. His elemental blasters will let you take on enemies in melee or from afar. And the best thing about them? As you’ll progress in the game, you will unlock new elements, each with unique advantages.   

During combat, combine all of the Guardians’ abilities and create devastating combos to take down the wide range of cosmic enemies you’ll face: humanoids, creatures, monsters, robots and more. Some of them are boss fights!   

Expect the unexpected  

You will get to explore weird and dangerous planets, as well as iconic Marvel locations. Just like in combat, the Guardians’ abilities will come in handy while you travel, as each of them can help you solve environmental puzzles. Throughout the adventure, you’ll get many opportunities to make choices, which will have repercussions on how the story plays out, and on your relationship with the Guardians.  You’re in for a world of surprises, with the consequences of your actions guaranteed to keep the Guardians on their toes.  

30+ classic ‘80s hits 

You’ll get to listen to these incredible tracks as you progress through the game, as well as on the jukebox that’s on the Milano. Some of them will also play a key role during the Huddle, a key gameplay mechanic in combat. You will have the opportunity to choose between two bangers on Star-Lord’s cassette player to try and motivate the Guardians and overwhelm your enemies. They won’t know what hit them. There’s also an optional toggle for players who wish to mute and replace them with stream-safe alternatives as needed. 

40+ in-game outfits 

Over 40 outfits within the game, from comic-accurate to brand new designs, for you to customize Star-Lord and the Guardians’ looks!   

Upgrade your Guardians and much more 

Choose wisely how you distribute the ability points you’ll earn as you progress through the game, to unlock new skills for your Guardians! You can also upgrade Star-Lord’s gear and unlock new perks with the help of Rocket.   


It’s time to show the universe what you’re made of. You got this. Probably.