Technical Animator

Animation | Montréal, Québec, Canada






  • Assess technical risks and coding support for the prototyping system;  
  • Compile and present reports suggesting technical solutions or new pipelines; 
  • Provide toolkits to improve and facilitate the work process, such as scripting functionality (Python, MEL, MAXscript, etc.), documentation process, and 'How To' Wikis; 
  • Have a good understanding of character skinning and rigging concepts; 
  • Maintain day-to-day technical efficiency of pipeline work and be the "go-to" person for animators; 
  • Investigate "specialized" problems for animation such as partial rag-doll mix improvements, real-time fabric simulation, etc; 
  • Support due diligence production processes (e.g. motion capture);  
  • Provide support on the compilation and preparation of performance/motion capture "dope sheets", while participating in and overseeing motion capture shoots, as well as the delivery and implementation of the resulting data into the game systems; 
  • Teach animators the use of technical and up-to-date editing features in updated software used in production; 
  • Mentor and support less experienced animators as needed; 
  • Perform some animation when required for production. 


  • 3 to 5 years experience in the 3D animation industry, preferably in video games; 
  • Completion of at least one video game production, preferably next generation; 
  • Training in 3D animation, 2D education is an asset; 
  • Although excellent knowledge of Maya is preferred, experience with other 3D software is acceptable. 
  • Excellent understanding of the technical aspects and caveats of game animation; 
  • Ability to connect and communicate with programmers; 
  • Experience in character configuration, skinning and rigging an asset; 
  • Design and prototyping of animation systems; 
  • Understanding of animation in game development production; 
  • Reasonable manual and digital dexterity; 
  • Good command of spoken and written English;  
  • Experience in productive scripting is an asset; 
  • Knowledge of facial animation systems in game development is an asset; 
  • Extensive experience with Motionbuilder or equivalent is an asset; 
  • Experience with game engines such as Unreal, Unity or other is a strong asset. 


  • Strong sense of ethics, initiative and most importantly humility required; 
  • Must be comfortable working in a team environment focused on continuous improvement - learning and sharing knowledge; 
  • Maturity to give and receive constructive criticism is expected;  
  • A desire to push the boundaries of video game animation is required. 


  • Ambition and passion for video games are essential! 

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