Concepteur.trice narratif.ive en chef.fe | Lead Narrative Designer

Design | Montréal, Québec, Canada







  • Collaborate with the Creative Direction to ensure the game’s narrative is conveyed effectively throughout the game’s ingredients;
  • Collaborate with the technical teams to ensure the proper pipelines are in place for writing and integrating the dialogues in game;
  • Work closely with the other team leads to identify and distribute mandates to the writers (Level Design, Game Design, Social, Cinematics, UI, Lore etc…);
  • Work closely with the Game Design team to develop features that will support and convey the story as per overall game direction;
  • Resolve any conflicts between Story, Design and Gameplay as they arise;
  • Oversee the design of any side quest content, mission instructions, in-game text, additional stories and barks (etc);
  • Organize the realization of the in-game scripted moments while maintaining consistency with systemic content;
  • Organize narrative implementation and ensure quality across the entire development process from a player perspective;
  • Work closely with Production & Audio teams to identify and prepare lines ready for recording;
  • Maintain dialogue asset pipeline, assist in recording sessions and management of scripts;
  • Oversee the writing and editing of dialogue, enemy barks, objective text, and other narrative content.




  • 5+ years industry experience minimum;
  • 2+ “narrative-driven” titles published (AAA and larger project experience beneficial);
  • Previous role as a lead-level or highly-experienced designer in narrative-related areas with an interest in game-wide storytelling;
  • Good knowledge and interest in fictional writing and visual storytelling;
  • Perfect knowledge of spoken and written English;
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written French, or the willingness to learn;
  • Strong understanding of game design and narrative in video games;
  • Strong understanding of storytelling within an interactive medium;
  • Strong understanding of presentation and pacing during gameplay;
  • Ability to clearly communicate a vision and convey ideas;
  • Ability to present and/or relate a story to a group;
  • Experience in project planning and management beneficial.




  • Great communicator and collaborator across different disciplines;
  • Ability to coach, mobilize, and inspire;
  • Excellent capacity to write and synthesize ideas;
  • Ability to handle several issues simultaneously;
  • Ability to lead a team focused on constant improvement;
  • Knowledge of the technological pipelines & constraints related to the video game industry is an asset;
  • Capacity and willingness to learn and share knowledge.




Passion for games and ambition to create a Game of the Year title are essential.

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