Lead Character Artist

Art | Montréal, Québec, Canada








  • Model characters according to the game design;
  • Consult, create and work on graphic references corresponding to the art direction, in order to model the characters;
  • Work in collaboration with the animators, programmers and game designers to optimize the characters;
  • Texturize characters to add credibility according to the art direction and game
  • Ensure the supervision of members of the Character Modeling team.
  • Plan and divide the tasks of the employees under his supervision or make sure that the Group Lead gives him a report of his team’s tasks;
  • Elaborate the timeline under the time, technical and artistic constraints;
  • Ensure, in association with the Art Technical Director, to provide the necessary tools or to develop them for his team;
  • Interact with the Art Director in order to understand the direction well and to
    effectively share it with his team;
  • Innovate and solve artistic problems to improve work processes;
  • Seek a visual and technical innovating point of view, in the way of working with the creative processes;
  • Document the processes and procedures in a precise manner;
  • Push back and redefine the limits of the systems and of the art for the projects;
  • Interact and communicate in an effective way with the administrators of the project.


  • Diploma in character modeling or equivalent training/experience;
  • 5+ year of industry experience as a Character Artist; 1 year as a Lead;
  • At least 2 shipped titles, ideally a AAA on current gen consoles (Xbox1, PS4 or PC)
  • Experience in character modeling with 3D programs and 2D art applications;
  • Excellent knowledge of the human anatomy, physiological reactions, body language and proportions in character conception;
  • Knowledge of animation principles;
  • Experience in hard surface modeling an asset.



  • Leadership;
  • Good sense of responsibilities;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Be focused on achieving superior results;
  • Ability to work as part of a team;
  • Ability to think analytically and synthetically
  • Ability to adapt own art to our style and unique vision.



  • Passion and amibition for videogames are essential!


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