Accessibility Specialist

Design | Montréal, Québec, Canada







As an Accessibility Specialist, you’ll actively assist game development teams, marketing teams, and other relevant internal teams to ensure accessibility compliance, innovation and planning. Beyond compliance, you will help teams in developing accessibility solutions to ensure our games are accessible to all, including people with disabilities. You will contribute to, test and review projects, providing actionable feedback and advice. You will also be actively involved in raising awareness for the importance of game accessibility. You will work with external accessibility consultants, testers and reviewers throughout the development process of games. Your role is to facilitate the implementation of accessibility features and normalize inclusive design in our games.

  • Work with internal teams to develop solutions for the implementation of innovative gaming accessibility features and inclusive design;
  • Advocate and spread awareness for gaming accessibility across the company;
  • Build and maintain various documentation and toolkits available to all employees;
  • Help build, update, maintain and ensure compliance to the internal SEW Accessibility Standards;
  • Conduct evaluations, tests and inspections of the different projects at predetermined milestones in order to reinforce SEW Accessibility Standards and ensure legal compliance (if there is a lack of compliance, investigate and provide actionable feedback);
  • Track and report on accessibility-related tasks progress on different projects;
  • In collaboration with producers and department heads, plan roadmaps and assign tasks to the different teams associated with the implementation and testing of accessibility in our games;
  • Collaborate with the different studios who are part or work with the Square Enix West family across Americas and Europe for various special projects;
  • Collaborate with external accessibility experts such as consultants, researchers, testers, reviewers, conferenciers and more to evaluate and test our games as well as spreading awareness for accessibility in the Square Enix group;
  • Stay up-to-date and informed on industry benchmarks, best practices, legal requirements and accessibility studies;
  • Assist various conferences, workshops and trainings regarding gaming accessibility and tech accessibility;
  • Gather and process feedback from external customers;
  • Help define research objectives and methodologies with the assistance of research teams (User Research, Analytics, Marketing);


  • Bachelor’s degree in Game Design, UX, Product management or other relevant field of study;
  • 5 years of previous experience in the video game industry in Game Design, UX or Product management;
  • OR 5 years of previous experience in an Accessibility role in the software, web or video game industry;
  • Proven track record of raising awareness and developing accessibility solutions in previous roles;
  • Nice-to-have: CPACC Certification, Section 508 & WCAG Certification, APXP AbleGamers Certification
  • Outstanding oral and written communication in English (French classes offered);
  • Highly organized and able to keep an eye on the big picture while dealing with details;
  • Ability to work on multiple projects and deliver on time;
  • Knowledge of WCAG guidelines, CVAA requirements, Game Accessibility Guidelines and other accessibility guidelines and standards;
  • Insight and knowledge on the Disability rights movement;
  • Proficiency in the use of all MS Office Applications and Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook);
  • Proficiency in the use of tools such as JIRA and similar tools;
  • Experience using internal communication tools such as: MS Teams, Slack, Sharepoint, and/or other solutions;



  • You are a people’s person;
  • Able to share the right information in due time and to the right audience;
  • Ability to adapt the messages and tone to different audiences;
  • Use diplomacy to find consensus without deteriorating your vision;
  • Ability to negotiate clearly and with influence;
  • Politically and culturally sensitive; genuine on diversity and inclusion;
  • Positive attitude and trying to find solutions;
  • Willing to innovate and find new ways to communicate;
  • The employee’s wellbeing is at the heart of each of your initiatives;



  • Passion for video games are essential!


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