Our Experts at MEGAMIGS 2022

MEGAMIGS is back and so are we! This video game event, for professionals and general public alike, will take place at the Bonaventure Hotel from October 18th to 22nd in Montréal.

Join our Eidossians from Montreal and Sherbrooke as they take the stage to share their expertise in AI and Creation, Pipeline, and Machine Learning.

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Artificial Intelligence and Artistic Creation

Panel with Bianca Gabriela Lavric, Technical Artist

Academia / R&D

Tuesday, October 18th at 11:15 AM

This case study presents the different ways in which Artificial Intelligence can be used to generate sources of inspiration for innovative products for the various digital creation jobs.

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USD: New Production Pipelines and the Impact on the Metaverse

Moderated by François Devic, Lead Tools Programmer

Academia / R&D

Tuesday, October 18th at 2:45 PM

This panel presents the different forms of involvement of USD (Universal Scene Description) in video games but also its correlation with the Omniverse proposed by Nvidia and the tools proposed by Unreal in the creation of new digital content production pipelines.

More info on the MEGAMIGS website


Automated Game Testing

Mahzad Kalantari, Lead Machine Learning Specialist at Eidos-Sherbrooke, and Charles Pearson-Bernardoff, Programmer at Matsuko


Thursday, October 20th at 1:00 PM

Testing video games is one of the most important parts of game development. Today, with the increasing size of the game maps, it becomes impossible for QA testers to test everything. Moreover, many test are repetitive and boring.

To solve this problem, Eidos-Sherbrooke and Matsuko have developed a plugin for Unreal 5, which allows test automation. This plugin interfaces with the FTEST system used in UE. Furthermore, we have paid a lot of attention to making this plugin agnostic.

In this presentation, we will introduce you to one of the features of thus plugin, which is the Explicit Plan Agent (EPA): Agent takes control of the player character and follows pre-determined Plans explicitly. Plans are composed of Nodes and Rules, that the user has defined in advance. Runs in Functional Tests both in Editor and Builds.

This plugin helps QA testers, but also developers: it helps validating that new features do not introduce breaking changes and allows to detect regressions automatically throughout the development cycle.

More info on the MEGAMIGS website


We are so happy to be back among our peers and players, see you there!